First-person survival horror game


Do you love being scared? Do you like the feeling of chills running down your spine, when you are afraid to turn away from the monitor and look behind yourself? Here comes a new psychological thriller from developers from the Czech Republic.

Nightmares are just dreams but what will happen when you suddenly wake up on a night like this? I have lived through such a night once. For the whole time, when I was in that hell, I wanted to wake up but I didn’t. I just couldn’t. Welcome to my world, a world where waking up is just a wish, and the light is the only anchoring point. I was brought here by just one letter, a letter that changed my life into darkness, from which I still cannot escape. An invitation from my uncle Paul to come to his place, in a countryside in Europe, where he lived in a small country mansion, in the middle of woods of the Czech Republic. It all looked perfect. The woods, the lake, the piece and rest. But this was not the only thing awaiting for me there. There was HER. She was waiting in the shadows to show me what fear, pain and revenge are.


Which gaming platform will be supported?

We primarily concentrate on PC but a version for game consoles is also being considered.

What is the planned release date?

The game is being developed at the moment. The release date will be announced.

Will Freya be available in Czech?

Freya will have an English dubbing and the possibility to choose between English and Czech subtitles.

How much of the game has already been prepared?



Images from the development (not the final version)


Will be added soon, we’re working on it.


We have always enjoyed playing games but we did not want to be on the player’s side only, we wanted to release our own games. That is why we have decided to make our own game. We wanted to create a gaming studio, which would produce excellent games. We have a vision, plans, ideas, and we hope to attract a lot of satisfied players too.

David Flek - Freya horror game author

David Flek

Programmer, 3D graphic

Filip Mináč - Freya horror game author

Filip Mináč

Scriptwriter, level designer



Currently unavailable


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